Lara Croft Tomb Raider – Muzyka


1.„Elevation” (Tomb Raider Mix)U23:36
2.„Deep”Nine Inch Nails4:08
3.„Galaxy Bounce”The Chemical Brothers4:45
4.„Get Ur Freak On” (Remix)Missy Elliott featuring Nelly Furtado3:10
5.„Speedballin'”Outkast featuring Cee Lo Green and Joi4:56
6.„Ain’t Never Learned”Moby3:46
7.„The Revolution”BT4:17
8.„Terra Firma” (Lara’s Mix)Delerium featuring Aude5:06
9.„Where’s Your Head At”Basement Jaxx4:43
10.„Illuminati”Fatboy Slim featuring Bootsy Collins3:14
11.„Absurd” (Whitewash Edit)Fluke3:40
12.„Song of Life”Leftfield7:03
13.„Edge Hill”Groove Armada7:00
15.„Devil’s Nightmare”Oxide & Neutrino6:04


1.„Tomb Raider Main Titles”3:14
2.„Lara Croft at Home”2:13
3.„Powell and the Illuminati”2:58
4.„Lara Dreams of Her Father”1:46
5.„The Clock”3:01
6.„Home Invasion”3:59
7.„Alex West and Mr. Wilson”4:05
8.„The Letter”1:25
9.„Journey to Cambodia”2:00
10.„Angkor Wat”7:36
11.„Lara Battles Stone Monkeys”3:32
12.„The Brahman”1:31
14.„The Planetary Alignment”5:08
15.„Lara Defeats Powell”3:38